Dallas Woman Shot, Paralyzed; Sues City for Unanswered 911 Calls

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DALLAS, TX —“I turned around to pick up my purse, and I saw him, and he pulled out the gun and shot me,” Roxy Mayo explained of the day that forever altered her life.

That one gunshot created a lifetime of change for the mother of four.

“Next thing I know, I`m on the floor, and I see blood all around me and I’m trying to get up and I can’t move.”

Roxy Mayo says the man holding the gun was her then boyfriend, Quadriq Sharper.

“He’s like, I’m so sorry, why did you make me do this to you.  I love you so much.  He went in my bedroom, and he was like, I`m just going to kill myself.”

But cops got to Sharper before that happened.

“When I heard she’d been shot, I brought these pictures [Roxy doing gymnastics] and said, I want you to remember how strong you are,” her mother Dyane Davis said.  “Nothing can beat you.”

Roxy was left paralyzed from that gunshot. She says her repeated calls to 911 were ignored; now she’s making a call she feels won’t go unanswered—she’s suing the city of Dallas.

“[The dispatcher said help is] almost there, and I said, ‘are you sure?’ She said ‘yeah.’ I said ‘okay.’  They didn’t come.”

NewsFix reached out to the City Attorney’s Office, but our calls were not returned.

Roxy’s case isn’t isolated.

Remember the cases of Deanna Cook and D’Lisa Kelley?

In 2012, Cook called 911 while she was being attacked.  It took police about an hour to arrive.  Her ex-husband has been charged with murder. Her death spurred DPD to change its dispatch policies.

But, just last year, cops were slow to respond when D’Lisa’s grandmother called emergency dispatch. D’lisa was found dead a week later. She was two months pregnant.

Now, Roxy hopes her lawsuit and her story will help save lives.

“Thank God I didn’t die so I can speak up.  We need to speak up against domestic violence and Police response in poor neighborhoods.  Without God, I know I probably would’ve died.  With God, I can heal.”

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