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DALLAS — We all have old random things that we either don’t use or have forgotten about.

So, one Dallas woman has created a system that just might be able to help you turn those old reliables into a little cash! It’s called Whimiy!

“It stands for ‘what is mine is yours’,”  said Whimiy founder, Rhonda Harper. “It’s the very first, and only nationwide neighbor-to-neighbor, rental community. You can go on and upload items that you want to rent to neighbors or you can go online and rent items from neighbors. It’s Airbnb or Uber for household items”

Harper says she was in the process of getting rid of some old stuff when she got the idea to start the business.

“As a baby boomer, I’m downsizing. I have things that I just don’t use all the time, yet I’m not really ready to get rid of them either, and I think somebody should be able to benefit from them.”

The program is free, and allows owners to set their own prices.

The site automatically generates your “neighborhood” using your location to set up an eight to 10 mile radius for you to start sharing and renting.

Harper says when you sign up the company collects 10 percent commission, but five percent of that is given to non-profits that help improve the environment.

And before leaving, Harper made sure to show NewsFix a little dance she says some owners and renters like do.

“Some of our people have been so excited when they got on that they do the Whimiy shimmy. You start making some money and spending less on items.”

So don’t be afraid to “Whimiy shimmy” yourself into a few extra bucks!