DALLAS — This just in! It’s the end of the world as Dallas, Plano, and Irving know it!

How are you feeling? Fine?

According to the website, Sperling’s Best Places, issa wrap. We’re done! Sperling’s calls Dallas-Plano-Irving the least safe place to live in the whole country. And it’s not because of thousands of bike share rides piling up in the streets, falling out of trees, or collapsing on top of us.

“You have this sort of perfect convergence of tornadoes, the remnants of different hurricanes, the floods that have happened occasionally as well, so yeah, there are lots of things going on as one would say,” Sperling’s President Bert Sperling told NewsFix.

Yep, this last has us worst for…natural disasters?

But wait…JJ Watt didn’t have to raise $40 million for us in 2017.

Even so, here we are.

“It’s a great place to live, but there’s some stuff you gotta deal with once in awhile,” Sperling said.

Sperling says it’s not that we get any sort of mega storms. It’s more that out of the many kinds of natural disasters that could strike (tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme heat, drought, flooding, hail) we could be affected by basically all of them.

So do you feel like the sky is falling?

“It sounds kinda ridiculous because we’re in the same state as Houston, which had a hurricane,” one woman told NewsFix.

“Any natural disaster can happen anywhere at any time, but if you’re gonna live somewhere, live in the best city in the world, that’s Dallas!” another man said.

Well, maybe we’re all just ignoring our inevitable destruction. Or maybe, take shelter!