Dallas To Provide Shelter For Undocumented Minors

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Residents Question Funding of Housing Undocumented Immigrant Children

Dallas County is at a crossroads! We’ve promised to take in up to 2,000 of the kids trapped at the border. The question is, where are we going to put them?

County Commissioners met Tuesday to try to figure that out.

“Well where we are is three sites were released to DISD yesterday there’s a little over 12 sites that are being looked at,” said Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge.

A team from Washington, D.C. is in Dallas to help decide where the kids will end up. Jenkins says that decision could come as early as tomorrow and the kids could start arriving by the end of July.

The plan is the kids will stay for about 120 days. While they try to locate relatives in the U.S., or put them in foster care.

“As one child is placed with their aunt in Los Angeles or with their uncle in Des Moines another child would be able to come in and take that place,” said Jenkins.

Although Judge Jenkins promised Dallas taxpayers won’t be picking up the bill, not everyone is buying it.

“Is it not going to be the case that eventually there is no federal funding for this program and then only the city of Dallas gets dumped on,” asked Ken Harris, a resident of Dallas County.

Bottom line: this program doesn’t grant them a free ticket to the home of the free. Some still might face deportation. Meanwhile, volunteer groups are stepping up.

“We want the opportunity for these children to be children because they really have not. We want them to be in a safe, sanitary and secure environment where they can be children and they can have a good time, they can enjoy themselves and they can feel safe,” said Nikki Beneke, Vice President of the Dallas County VOAD.

When it comes to immigration reform, there are plenty of opinions, but one thing everyone can agree on, these are children who need a place to sleep.

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