Dallas Superman Cop Drives 11 Hours to Surprise Sick Boy

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DALLAS - With cops getting a lot of negative media attention lately, here's a story that's definitely positive. Senior Corporal Damon Cole with Dallas PD has a big "S" hiding underneath his uniform.

"I'm a part of a group called Heroes, Cops and Kids. It's me and four other Dallas police officers," Cole explained. "We dress up as superheroes and we go to schools, churches, hospitals, and just interact with the community and kids."

Cole noticed a Facebook page about a seven-year-old boy with cancer named Bryce Schottel.

"I saw a post where they were wanting us to take pictures with the Team Bryce logo," Cole said. "The family shows it to him whenever he does chemo, and stuff like that, to pick up his spirits."

Cole decided that wasn't enough, so he packed his cape and drove 11 hours to Smithton, Illinois to surprise him.

"Bryce's reaction was priceless.  He was smiling ear-to-ear. That was the best feeling ever."

Cole gave him a Superman Action Figure, a ride in his Superman-mobile and a spare Superman cape.

"He immediately put it on. It's very adorable cause it engulfed him."

Cole wasn't done.  He surprised Bryce again with an Iron Man costume.

"I said, 'you got to make me a promise that you won't tell anybody, but I'm also Iron Man.' His face just lit up."

What a super cop!

"You know I'm not rich.  I'm not famous.  I'm really a nobody.  Just another police officer.," Cole said. "That's my little way of contributing to do something for people 'cause I would want someone to do it for my family or daughter if they were in Bryce's shoes. It's the least I could do."

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