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DALLAS– There’s no kidding around when it comes to gun violence.

So, a group of local students, inspired by the “Never Again” movement, hope to encourage more gun safety in schools in DFW.

“This isn’t a protest of the NRA Convention. The kids are using this as an opportunity to get us to listen to their perspectives,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

“I take Pre-AP classes. I sing in my school’s choir and I always turn my homework in on time. But, I have a fear. I have a fear like every high school student, that my life could be taken away from me, or someone I care about dearly,” one student said.

“Many people die as a result of these mass shootings. But, what happens to those that survive? They are left to mourn the deaths of those they lost. They are left to remember the faces, voices, scents and actions of people they know they will never see again,” another student said.

While these students hope to keep guns out of schools, thousands of other students want just the opposite.

In the ‘Stand for the Second’ event, kids across the country walked out for 16 minutes.

Though there wasn’t nearly as much media coverage as the ‘March for our Lives Event’, these students say they hope people realize how important the Second Amendment is.

“It’s not as if our opinions are being oppressed or anything, but the simple majority of those pro-gun control — it definitely outnumbers us so it almost compels us to have a voice,” Student Bonifacio Yuzon said.

No matter which side of this debate you stand on, you’ve gotta give it to these kids for sticking to their guns!