Dallas Police Association wants OT for protest duty

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DALLAS — Dallas police officers who volunteered to provide safety and security at the Dallas Against White Supremacy rally on Saturday night faced some tense moments.

“You get cursed at, you get yelled at and called ‘Nazis,’ called everything under the sun. Some people were spitting on them and they maintained the professionalism and represented this city,” said Dallas Police Association president Michael Mata.

But then they had a rude awakening on Sunday morning. The overtime pay they thought they were working for was being replaced with a comp day.

“It was very disheartening because, those officers, obviously, they signed up on the premise that they were getting paid overtime,” Mata said.

We reached out to the Dallas Police Department and who said the issue arose from a miscommunication with the officers and that those who opted for overtime will receive it.

Still, the miscommunication could inspire fewer officers to take the overtime assignments, and that could lead to a chain reaction that could hurt the whole city.

“Then you’re going to have to pull officers from those who are actually working their duty assignment,” said Mata. “And what’s that do to the response times, to the safety of the other citizens who reside in this city?”

Mata also says that these money problems are made even worse because of the frequency of these rallies and protests in 2017.

“Either one, the city needs to designate that they pay overtime to these officers who come in on their off-day,” Mata said.

“Or two, they need to finally tell these groups that protest up to a certain amount of people we will provide police services but when it gets to an excess, to where you have thousands of individuals coming down here, then somebody needs to pay for it and it’s not the city of Dallas resident.”


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