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DALLAS — Hugh Hefner will always be known as the man who could make the magic happen.

After Hef passed away Wednesday night, we decided to catch up with one of the bunnies who worked at his old Playboy Club in Dallas.

“It was the perfect cocktail waitressing job where you could make the most money and pay for everything and not have to work long hours,” said Karen Drennan who worked as a Bunny in the club. “Between the bunnies, it was very much like a sorority, we all had each other’s backs.”

Karen Drennan was one of 200 women selected to work as bunnies in the club when it opened back in 1977.

“I’ll get people who come say to me, ‘Oh you were a Playboy Bunny, what issue did you pose naked in,'”  Drennan said. “A Playboy Bunny’s not a Playmate. Playmates are in the magazine, Playboy Bunnies are glorified cocktail waitresses.”

The club shared the Expressway Tower building with the offices of the Cowboys, a building currently owned by Southern Methodist University.

Brennan met Hef on the opening day of the club and caught back up with him a while later at a party in Los Angeles.

“Just very polite, and kind to us,” she remembered.

Now that he’s gone, Drennan doesn’t think there will be anyone who could ever throw a party quite like him.

“It really was a time of freedom,” Drennan said. “I think it would be hard to follow in his footsteps.”