Dallas PD Returns Favor in Support of Baton Rouge PD

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DALLAS – As the Dallas Police Department buried their last fallen officer earlier this week Baton Rouge PD is just beginning the process of putting their slain officers to rest. Friday`s service for officer Matthew Gerald is the first of three funerals that will take place.

Cops from around the country attended the ceremony to pay their respects, which included members of the Dallas PD honor guard. It`s the same type of support Dallas police received after 5 of their officers died in the line of duty.

One of the most visual ways police departments across the nation showed their solidarity was by leaving their respective police patches at the memorial in front of DPD headquarters. Those patches, along with other items from the memorial have now been preserved at the Dallas Public Library.

The patches are now in the process of being transported to DPD headquarters for officers to view privately. It’s a fitting reminder that during this time of turmoil, the men and women in blue will always share an inseparable bond that goes beyond state lines.

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