Dallas P.D. Gets Their Groove On With Elementary Students

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Normally, when the cops knock on your door, it means you’re in trouble, right?

But Dallas’ finest have been visiting these third graders at Frederick Douglass Elementary to get their groove on? Yep, that’s right.

“One of the things we’ve got is a musical program called “Moving in the Right Direction”, it’s a character based music program and it’s teaching the kids through song, about the importance of making good choices,” said Lt. Sally Lannom, Dallas P.D.

The Dallas Police Choir and Youth Outreach Unit cops have spent an entire semester teaching 80 kids how to take a step in the right direction.

“I feel like being in the right direction and I feel good and I feel marvelous,” said J’lynn Black, third grader at Douglass Elementary.

As the red curtain opens, these kids and cops take center stage. And it doesn’t look like anyone is shy with their moves. The kids are really digging the message.

But while the message to lead a positive life is at the forefront, these kids have also had time to bond with the boys and girls in blue.

“I got to know them and well, I got to know them and I haven’t seen real cops,” said Karely Calderon, third grader at Douglass Elementary.

One thing’s for sure, these cops are helping these kids do more than sing.

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