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DALLAS—You’ve heard of putting your baby in a crib, or maybe a bassinet. But a cardboard box??

It’s the trend in Finland.  For decades, the Finnish government has been providing new mothers with a box fit for a baby with lots of goodies. The country has one of the lowest infant mortality rates, which leads some folks to believe it might be related to this box.

That’s why Dallas native and Hockaday grad Jennifer Clary started the Baby Box Company with her partner, Michelle Vick.

“We actually launched this company right when she’d delivered her first child.  In a nutshell, the baby box is a safe sleep certified cardboard box.  It’s completely made of recycled materials, it’s got a firm compliant mattress, a waterproof mattress cover, and it comes with a 100% cotton sheet,” Clary explained.

“There are other contents different programs might include in their baby box, to address certain issues in their community.  It’s a universally safe sleep space.”

They’re partnering with local hospitals and plan to help over 40,000 families in DFW.

“A few decades ago, people thought you put the baby on their stomach. Actually, and it’s the total opposite, so getting that information out is really important.  We also work with a ton of non-profits, hospitals, and institutions which are starting up these baby box programs, which will enable people to receive the baby box for free.

Groups like the Community Foundation of North Texas.

“In Tarrant County, we have the highest infant mortality rate in the state for counties for our size and population.  That’s just entirely unacceptable,” Rose Bradshaw, Executive VP at Community Foundation of North Texas, said.  “So when Cook Children’s initiated the Safe Sleep Initiative, we knew it was a great project that could have a lot of impact.”

Sounds like the birth of the baby box movement in Texas.

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