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DALLAS — If you were to pay a visit to the kitchen at the Dallas Life Center, you’d be greeted with a big smile by Sunni Moore. She’s the kitchen manager!

“We came here after we were stuck out in a horrible storm,” Moore says. “I mean literally and physically and mentally, we were in a storm.”

A series of events caused Sunni and her husband to lose everything they had, including their two beautiful children.

“You’re crawling out of your situation,” she says.

They are nearing graduation from the recovery program, which is deigned to guide people into self-sufficient living.

“It was a little hard because we were coming from bad choice and bad habits,” Moore says.

It may have been tough, but we are giving Sunni a gold star!

“We got a three bedroom home, a bedroom for each child, and each child is home with us today,” she says.

Say what? Yes!

Sunni actually isn’t living at the shelter anymore, she was hired on full time to work in the kitchen and is a living example that homelessness is a situation, not a character trait.

“Sometimes it’s things that you can help, and a lot of times it’s things that you can’t. If you really really want to change, if you really really don’t want to be there, then you do what you have to do to not be there,” she says.

For Sunni, the proof in the pudding!

There is a happy ending to this story! You see, this shelter is special, because they focus on whole families.  What’s even better, the city counsel just signed on to partner with Dallas Life, giving them 100 more beds. That means opportunity for thousands of more stories like Sunni’s!