Dallas Kicks On the Road to Nationals

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DALLAS – The World Cup is over and yeah, our U.S. Team didn’t quite make the cut.

But the good news is these girls, the Dallas Kicks, are keeping the game of soccer alive in the DFW!

“It took a lot of training to get here,”Emilie Torres said.

Coach Juan Martinez said when ever practiced is cancelled, the girls complain! Talk about dedication.

“We are the best in the region and now getting a shot to be the best in the nation,” Jordan Martinez, the coach’s daughter explained.

The girls are getting in a last minute practice before they head to Bethesda, Maryland to compete in the the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship.

At the beginning of the season, it wasn’t an easy goal to score being well-known as the underdogs.

“Our team started at any pick up park, any abandoned park to practice,” Coach said. “Most of the time we were kicked off the par, so we moved to my backyard to train.”

The Kicks kept on kicking and fighting every year… getting better and stronger against clubs that were operation with a much larger cash flow.

“Close personal friends. Former teammates. They would tell me you won’t be able to do it. You won’t be able to compete in North Texas against clubs that have million dollar training facilities.”

Needing funding to get to the Nationals, these girls raised money for their trip the hard with — with car washes, bake sales. Heck, they even set up a “Go Fund Me” page, which has raised more than $2,000 bucks!

Most of the girls grew up with the soccer fields as their playground, and some were teammates at the tender age of four.

“We’ve had like hours of training….like oh my God,” Belerica Oquendo said.

Good luck girls. We know you’ll kick some serious behind!

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