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DALLAS — Carol and Michael Garland are living proof that age doesn’t define who we are or what we can accomplish. The North Texas couple’s been dubbed “The Best Senior Citizen Dancers Ever!”

Can you believe they’re both in their seventies?! Most of us can barely walk down the hall without huffing and puffing. So, what’s their secret? Well, depends on which one you ask.

“We exercised and worked out a lot in the beginning,” Carol said. “But now we do this often, so that is our workout.”

“Hold it, we never exercise,” Michael chimed in. “We never practice either. I can look at her and she knows what I want done. That’s what type of connection we have.”

One thing they both can agree on is: they don’t plan on hanging up their dancing shoes anytime soon. The couple recently took home the top prize on a reboot of “The Gong Show.”

Their “one, two steps” are even featured on a new show, ahem, on another network. And to think, this is a love connection that almost didn’t happen.

“She wouldn’t dance with me,” Mr. Garland told NewsFix. “She didn’t know I was the Texas State Dance Champion.”

Well, Carol also didn’t know Michael is a former Soul Train dancer, he busted a move on American Bandstand back in the day, and how many people can say they taught Barney a thing or two?

“I taught him a lot of the pop locking that he does,” Michael Garland said.

Now, Carol and Michael are teaching us all a lesson in: Age ain’t nothing but a number.

“I get the confidence from God,” Michael said. “I work hard, and you can do anything you want to–anything you want to do.”