Dallas is getting smarter! The technology, at least

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DALLAS — The historic West End of Dallas is getting a lot smarter, y’all! And we don’t mean Wild Bill from the well known western store went back to school!

The area had an eight-foot tall kiosk show up in the past two days, and that piece of technology is going to change the whole district.

“This kiosk has things like wayfinding so I can figure out how do I get to this bus or this train,” said Trey Bowles, Co-Founder of Dallas Innovation Alliance. “It’s got the ability to see some of the things that are going on in the rest of the West End area, and it’s got this really cool feature where you can take a selfie and email it to you.”

The Smart Cities Living Lab, part of the Dallas Innovation Alliance and powered by AT&T through their Smart Cities initiative, has a couple major goals.

First, they want to help the city and the citizens.

“We’re taking a first step toward really making Dallas a more innovative city for all its citizens,” Bowles said.

Second, they want to help the Big D be the standard bearer across the country!

“We believe Dallas is top five or six most innovative and entrepreneurial cities in the country,” Bowles said. “We also believe that people outside Dallas don’t know or care about that.”

The DIA project won’t just get by with kiosks, though. They’re already installing high-efficiency streetlights to save money, and they want to use sensors in the future to potentially save people.

“A lot of these lights that you see have multiple sensors on it,” Bowles said. “Some include the ability to take video. Some include noise awareness. You could track things like a shooting that was going to happen.”

Sound a little too Big Brother for you?

“Over time, as people become more aware of what the technology is and how it helps them, those concerns will be alleviated, and people will understand that it’s a positive thing,” Bowles said.

One thing we’re positive about is that the Alliance plans to roll out four or five more kiosks in other districts of Dallas over the next year. The next one? Possibly Fair Park.

Big Tex? More like big tech!

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