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DALLAS–It’s move-out day at Tent City. The city moved in to  make sure the campers moved out.  As new fences go up, Dallas police stand by.  But nobody puts up a fight.

Some campers moved to the campsite across the street. After next week, everyone in Tent City will have to move on.

That has the folks at Dallas Heritage Village worried.

“We’re worried about our buildings, we’re worried about our visitors, we’re worried about our staff and we’re worried about the people that are on the other side of the fence,” said Melissa Prycer,  Heritage Village Director.

Heritage Village says 20,000 kids a year visit and next month is their busy season.

At Heritage Village, you can see how our ancestors roughed it, living in harsh conditions. And just over the fence, you can see the same thing. “People that are living back there certainly are living in primitive conditions, but unlike the pioneers that helped settle our country, they’re not looking to build a community,” Prycer said.