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DALLAS — The Holocaust Museum of Dallas is getting a new home.

The new state-of-art facility will open this fall and a special ceremony took place in the West End neighborhood near Houston Street where the new building will be.

“I think for many of us its just hard to describe how special it is,” Holocaust survivor Paul Kessler said.

That’s because The Holocaust Museum is the only one of its kind in North Texas. The new center will feature new video testimonies from survivors in our area, in-depth exhibits on other genocides and human rights and pivot to America.

The newly 55,000 square foot museum will have a state of the art theater, bookstore, classrooms and even a rooftop terrace.

“Besides being such a really impressive museum compared to what we have now, the limited amount of space we have, we will be able to accommodate maybe twice the amount of people.” said Kessler.

What does The Holocaust Museum want you to know about them? Well, they’re here to teach the history of the Holocaust and bring some light against hatred and indifference.

Now that’s a museum worth visiting!