Dallas graffiti problem getting worse, artist couple paint 10 murals in Deep Ellum for free

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DALLAS-- You might call it the Achilles' heel of the neighborhood.

They like to play "tag" in Deep Ellum, but no ones running around. The beautiful streets of deep ellum are littered with graffiti, and no one is denying it.

Just ask David Carranza what he thinks about it. "Everywhere, it`s just getting real bad." He owns Leather Masters, where he`s installed video cameras to catch those tagging his shop!

He`s basically an amateur painter at this point. They have tagged his walls, doors, and even a door behind a gate he put up. "I have to buy paint, I have to do it myself, get an employee to do it. I am running a small business, I don`t have time to be taking care of this every time it happens and this is a monthly occurrence."

He posted this video on Facebook of someone tagging his shop, hoping to get someone to identify the man seen on camera.

He says often times there are plenty of people around, "Cars passing by, people passing by, nobody cares."

We'll tell you who does care, the professional painters, that`s who. "Oh it drives me crazy." Says Preston Pannek. He and his girlfriend spend days on their murals.

The two paint around town together under their company, House of Pannek.

Preston says there is for sure a tagging problem. "There is not a single thing you can look on without something painted on it. I mean, look behind us, it`s everywhere.'

That`s precisely why he and his girlfriend are painting 10 murals around Deep Ellum for free!

Preston says, "The chances of you getting your wall tagged on if you just have a regular wall is a really good chance, and the chance if you have a really good mural on it, drops a whole bunch."

He says there are rules that the taggers typically follow, and spraying art is a no-no. "And if these kids really want to get their name out there, and do some art there are better ways to do it."

While Preston hopes the taggers will take interest in real art, rather than a crime.

David would like to see somebody do something about it! Yeah, like a task force that used to have that covered. "Definitely since it`s stopped, it`s gotten out of control."

So, to the taggers out there... while we aren`t sure what consequences you`ll actually face, we`ll tell you one thing. David isn`t the only one watching you. Everyone with access to Facebook could be.

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