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BERLIN, GERMANY – It’s the TV series that not only had people asking who shot J.R., but also had everybody hypnotized by the glamorous life of Big D — and no region of the world was more entranced than eastern Europe; specifically, Romania.

In the 80’s, Dallas was the only American show allowed on communist-run Romanian TV, which explains why it became an overnight sensation. Fast forward to today and the release of a docu-fiction film called Hotel Dallas.

It follows a Romanian oligarch who styled himself after J.R. Ewing and built a resort modeled after Southfork named Hotel Dallas. The daughter in this doc is obsessed with Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing in the original show.

She decides to immigrate to America, where she makes a movie starring Duffy, who dies in Texas and wakes up in Romanian hotel that looks just like home. The film made its world premiere earlier this week at the Berlin Film Festival, the home country of another Dallas icon.

Meanwhile, Southfork is alive and well in Parker, Texas where tours leave every 45 minutes, seven days a week.

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