FORT WORTH (KDAF) — Four Texas cities have made MovieMaker’s list of best big cities to live and work as a moviemaker: Fort Worth (25), San Antonio (22), Dallas (15) and Austin (8).

The article sites that one of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was that people were given more freedom to live and work wherever they wanted to, and this has rippled into the film industry.

Professions such as writers and editors are now able to do their jobs from the comfort of their homes; however, production crews should still be located where the work is.

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Fort Worth – 25th place

North Texas has recently seen an influx in new residents, many from California, and with the new blood comes new perspective and opportunity.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Texas-native Taylor Sheridan, known for such films as Hell or High Water, Wind River and Sicario, recently purchased a ranch in Fort Worth, and according to the article, brought along some of the television industry with him.

A spinoff to hit show Yellowstone entitled 1883 began production in Fort Worth in August of last year.

San Antonio – 22nd place

A source tells MovieMaker that 177 permits were issued for local productions just last year, including one from Oscar-nominated director David France.

Dallas – 15th place

Because of its proximity to Fort Worth, Dallas also benefitted from the influx of new residents and from the production of 1883. Being a larger and more diverse community, Dallas provides a wide variety of locations, talent, as well as experience.

Austin – 8th place

This one goes without saying, home to many famous filmmakers like Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez as well SXSW film and music festival, Austin has a rich filmmaker-friendly culture.

Current productions in Austin include the HBO series Love and Death, and the new Robert Rodriguez film Hypnotic.

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