Dallas Firefighters Hold Fundraiser For One of Their Own

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DALLAS — It’s been almost two months since Dallas firefighter, Jeff Patterson, suffered third degree burns over half his body. He was responding to a house fire in southeast Dallas.

Saturday, his department brothers held a massive fundraiser at the Truck Yard; complete with a silent auction and live entertainment from Texas bands.
Their goal is to raise over $100,000 over the coming months.

“He would do the same for us, and that’s just how we do things,” Mike McLemore said. McLemore is the 1st Vice President of the Dallas Firefighters Association.

“There’s no other job I know of where brotherhood is so strong.”

Patterson’s firefighting fraternity is helping the family every way they can, beyond just the finances.

“We have a fireman that is one guard duty at the hospital throughout the day just to help Tina, his wife, if she needs anything at the hospital.” McLemore said.
“We also have a fire department van with a driver to drive her and her family anywhere that she needs to during the day. We go as far as going to the children’s baseball games so that they can see a fireman’s face in the stands while their dad can’t be there.”

With brothers like that, Patterson has all the backup he needs for the biggest fight of his life.​

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