Dallas family meets man who received son’s donated heart

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DALLAS — It’s not easy losing a loved one, but one thing that helps ease the pain is being able to hear them one last time.

The Brock family lost their son, Braxton, in 2017 when he was just 21-years-old. Braxton was on his motorcycle when a pick-up hit him and drove away in Plano. Unfortunately, he died a few days later, but part of him lives on.

“We miss him every day, but we’re proud to know that even though our hearts are broken, other families have the opportunity to continue to share the life of someone that they love,” Braxton’s mother, Melissa Howell, told NewsFix.

Around five people got a second chance at life because Braxton was an organ donor. One in particular was Matthew Ware who received the most special part when he was just 25-years-old: Braxton’s heart.

“I started feeling really ill and through corresponding with doctors, finally figured out that my heart was starting to fail,” Ware said.

Just like that, the two families lives were intertwined forever.

“We’ve been waiting for this day,” Howell said. “It really, in the darkest time that we’ve ever experienced, provided us with this glimpse of hope that, even though we wouldn’t be sharing his life on the earth any longer, that he would continue to live on through other people.”

“It feels like a family that I’ve known forever,” Ware described. “Braxton, he’s here. I take him everywhere I go.”

Even though the Brock’s lost a loved-one, part of Braxton will always be there through the people he saved, especially in Matthew.

“I have a new family and I’m grateful to have that,” Ware said.

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