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DALLAS — The Winter Olympics are just about two weeks away, and one Dallas native is on his way to South Korea. But he isn’t skating, skiing or luging. He’s DJing!

Erik Jorgenson, a.k.a DJ EJ, is the Cowboys official DJ, as well as other teams around town like SMU. But now he’s an Olympic DJ.

“I’m going to be DJing all the men’s Olympic hockey games in the venue and then the women’s medal games as well,” explained EJ.

Of course EJ is used to spinning what’s hot here in the States, and an international audience means international music research.

“I’ve been researching you know, what are some of the popular songs in like Slovenia and Korea,” the DJ said. “I’ve been trying to work on my K-Pop library as well, too. It’s going to be a fun experience to mix a lot of music from all over the world.”

Well the Olympics is the ultimate dream for so many athletes. So what does it mean for a sports DJ?

“I think it will really start to sink in and be like ‘whoa, I am on the Olympic stage.’” he said. “You know it’s not about me but I have an audience that spans way farther than just in the venue and the teams there.”

Yep, so when you’re taking in a little hard hitting Olympic hockey next month listen in for the tunes rocking the rink, and know they’re coming straight outta Dallas.