Dallas County Jail To Install Video Visitation

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DALLAS — In the ever-changing technology world, video chat is probably one of the best things invented so far!

With one click, it’s the next best thing to seeing a family member in another state or interview for a job without hopping on a plane.

But some Dallas residents aren`t feeling the techy tool so much.

They showed up at County Commissioners Court Tuesday, when it took up the debate again on whether to install video visitation in the county jail.

“The fact is, we’ve done this more than any other item, “explained County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

Back in September, a contract from video visitation vendor Securus Technologies was thrown out because folks worried face-to-face visits would be completely eliminated, and folks weren’t buying that $10 dollar per 20 minute fee, either.

On Tuesday,  the court agreed to a 20¢ a minute fee with Securus.

“We got some improvements, but we still ended up having a high commission contract that still puts the kiosk in jails,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

But a price change wasn’t going to make folks happy. And  comments from DFW residents said it all.

“I`m very, very, very disappointed in the four members of the County Commissioners Court!”

“I believe it`s not right because there are people who`s going to suffer by not being connected with their relative!”

“We need to stop making money off of poor people!”

But for those who can afford video visitation, the new policy would let folks call inmates on their home computer with no jailhouse hassles or parking issues.

Geesh, who knew the idea of visiting loved ones would bring so much drama?!

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