Dallas County Health Department Falsified STD Data; Investigation Underway

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Dallas, TX–Dallas County Health Department is feeling the burn after they falsified STD data.

If someone tests positive, the health department is supposed to contact their previous partners to tell them they’re at risk. Documents from the Inspector General show that never happened.

“People say, ‘what you don’t know will not hurt you,’ well in this instance for sure, if you have been infected, you truly would want to know so that you can get yourself taken care of,” Dallas resident Rick Hunter said.

Instead DCHHS is accused of taking names of people who tested negative, and putting them in the files of partners of infected people to make the department’s numbers look good. Now the program is on probation. Ouch.

Employees admitted to entering non-related names into the system, and say their supervisor knew about it. The department says they’re taking this seriously, and if true, “employees will be held accountable.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins wants them held accountable too.   “There are a number of investigations regarding that,” Jenkins said.  “We are committed to cooperating fully with all of those investigations and taking appropriate action once the investigations are done to ensure that these things do not happen again.”

Now some folks in Dallas might be walking around without a clue about their STD status.

“Don’t hide any information from the people.  Hopefully the people will have some trust in Dallas county again,” Hunter added.

No shot will fix this problem.

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