Dallas County Courthouse Crawling With Rats

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DALLAS — The Dallas County Courthouse has a rat problem. No, not criminals or corrupt politicians. Real rats!

“If I do get locked up, to hear they got rats, I’m scared to go to sleep. I’m terrified of rats. If I do see one, I’d escape out this mug,” a viewer told NewsFix.

Yeah, reports say these visitors have been making their way through the lower floors of the courthouse and parking garages. And folks like Jordan Malone caught a glimpse of one with his own eyes.

“I saw a rat for real. It ran across the thing when I was going to see my attorney. I looked down like a big rat, like what do I do?! Big Fatty, that’s his name,” Malone explained.

But why the courthouse? Could it be the nearby Trinity River? The jail next door? Or maybe it’s the food that  folks leave lying out.

“I will not eat here a day in my life. I saw that rat. Somebody help me,” Malone said. “The facility is very nasty and we need to do something about it.”

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