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DALLAS — We’ve been hearing a lot about mass shootings lately. And according to the website,  there have been over 350 mass shootings in 2015. That’s enough to put anyone on edge.

“My first reaction is to control this weapon,” Officer David Wilson with Dallas PD told a room full of Dallas library employees Friday morning.

Officer Wilson conducts a training class for businesses and employees and tells them what to do if they find themselves in the crosshairs.

“DPD is all about protecting their citizens and trying to do all we can do to educate them in survival,”  Officer Wilson said.

With over 25 years experience under his belt, Officer Wilson developed this program himself, “Based on how Dallas Police Department had trained me, I could use those tools and hopefully educate civilians on how they can react.”

And this Dallas cop has even worked with the Department of Homeland Security to give folks a fighting chance.

“There is always a possibility that there may be a situation that occurs, and so by being prepared for it, we can be better prepared on how to handle and keep everyone safe,” said Peter Coyl, District Manager Central Library Dallas.

Those who are interested in the training should contact DPD and take aim on protecting yourself.