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DALLAS — The Dallas City Council took steps on Wednesday to address the city’s dog problem.

“It isn’t that we have too many pets,” said Council member Sandy Greyson. “It’s that we have animals on the street that aren’t owned, and that they’re loose out there.”

And that can become a safety issue.  That’s what happened last summer, when 52-year-old Antoinette Brown was killed by stray dogs in South Dallas.

The city is facing a $5 million lawsuit over Brown’s death, and is trying to figure out how to keep it from happening again.

For instance, the Council voted to require microchipping of pets, instead of just registration.

“We feel like this will help people find their pets better,” said Greyson.  “We can also identify dogs that create problems better.”

Among other things, the city is also setting up a standalone department of animal services, “creating an offense” for leaving animals in vehicles, changing the way breeding permits work, and they’re looking into rules about leaving dogs chained up.

Council members say they’re already making progress on the problem!

“We have picked up more loose dogs, we are having more citations given out,” Greyson said. “But we’re also increasing the adoption rate at the same time.”

Hey, with shelters overflowing all over the Metroplex, adopting these animals is one of the best ways for us individuals to help out – while the city tries to figure out how to fight the problem on their end.

Oh, and spay and neuter, folks!