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DALLAS — In the dance world, pushing boundaries comes with the job.

“We have done a lot of firsts, let me just say that. The Dallas Black Dance Theatre has been on the cliff of really innovative, not only music but also with choreography,” says Ann Williams, Founder of Dallas Black Dance Theatre.

And in this special 40th anniversary, we got a chance to see the first of an entirely new element with their premiere of Director’s Choice, The B-Side.

Tiffany Rea-Fisher, the Artistic Director for Elisa Monte Dance says, “The audience gets to pick from three different soundtracks that were original commissions and they get to choose what song they listen to.”

That’s right, the audience becomes more than just admirers of each fan kick or jazz hand they also directed the exact picture they wanted to see.

“It’s the same piece but the piece was put together with the idea that it would have to work with three different pieces of music,” says Rea- Fisher.

We’re talking the option of Motown, Acoustic or Electronic! Cool, right?!

New York Composer Michael Thurber says, “We really had to find that common thread that would stay there even though  the music would change in all three of the different versions there be one element of the music, in our case it’s like the melody and the tempo that stay throughout.”

“It was all about us, us and the music and the dancing and the power of the dancing. It was great,” says concert goer, Zoey.

And just like that these bold dancers chasséd straight into the future of an always changing industry.