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DALLAS — You don’t have to go far to find someone living in poverty. The Census bureau says nearly 1 out of 4 people in Dallas are below the poverty line.

“We opened our doors on January 6th, and our mission really is filling the gap of the kids of north Dallas high school,” Teresa Keenan with Incarnation House told NewsFix. “97% of them are in poverty.”

They are trying to help a specific group: teens whose families are struggling financially.

“We opened this to provide an after school program with the idea of doing a wrap around program to help their educational, physical and mental needs,” explained Keenan. “And to be able to fill the gap these kids have in their family life and in their education.”

And they’re getting a boost. Incarnation House was chosen as the benefactor of a fundraiser called the Dallas Bike Ride coming up in November.

“It really is a great partnership for us,” said Nolan Marshall, Executive Director with Uptown Dallas Inc. “Their program is one that we really believe in and that is really meaningful to this community. It is such a great need in the community to help those kids matriculate their school.”

“We’re happy to be a benefactor of it, because we will get a lot of publicity and people will get to know us, but the more important thing is our kids,” Keenan said. “I talked about the challenges of transpiration, none of our kids have been on a bike, they probably couldn’t afford a bike, but that bike could give them the ability to get around and get to jobs easier.”

Folks with the Dallas Bike Ride hope thousands of riders will come out in November, and hopefully, help end the cycle of poverty.