Dallas area Girl Scouts use empty cookie boxes to create art

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DALLAS, TX– A pile of empty girl scout cookie boxes might look like trash to some. However, one man’s trash is another girl’s art.

The North Texas Girl Scouts hosted its 11th annual Cookie Box Creations program.

At the event, girls work with architects and engineers to build free standing structures using 1,000 beloved cookie boxes, tape and glue.

“Girl Scouts has four focus areas: STEM, financial literacy, healthy living. and entrepreneurship. So, this brings in that STEM component,” Program Coordinator Karlynda Poage said.

This year the competition has a unique theme in perfect timing to celebrate Women’s History Month.

“They drew inspiration from famous female authors and are depicting their works this year,” Poage said.

That seems to be just the motivation these girls need.

“When I grow up, I want to be an architect so this helps us achieve these type of goals,” one scout said.

“Throughout this whole process, every girl has learned to be a leader. They’ve learned to always like push through the struggles and everything,” another scout said.

“We’re really learning [to] be great in math and really work hard and practice a lot and get comfortable being uncomfortable in a way because engineering and math is all about problem solving and being creative and so that’s where both of these things come together for the cookie creations,” a third scout said.

Now the only question is: Who ate all the cookies?

“They come flat from the factory. The girls did not eat 1,000 cookies per team,” Poage said.

All those boxes and not a single Tagalong in sight. Maybe that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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