Dallas Animal Services in need of dog treats!

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DALLAS – You know why these pups look so alarmed? Because there’s a dog treat shortage at Dallas Animal Services. The shelter could use help with donations to replenish the much need supply.

The shelter typically has about 700 animals at any given time, with about 500 being dogs, so running low on dog treats happens “pretty much constantly,” DAS spokesperson Gabi Vannini says.

City funding covers the basics of feeding, cleaning, and sheltering the animals, but DAS relies on public help for treats and other things considered to be ‘enrichment items.’ The treats play a significant role at the shelter and they make the animals’ lives much easier and happier while they are there.

“They are used for shy dogs that maybe need a little extra help going into their kennels or coming out — and are a little nervous — and the treats can help to warm them up. Or, our volunteers will come and they’ll do training with the dogs. They’ll teach them to sit, they’ll teach them some manners; and the treats, obviously, are really helpful for that,” Vannini says.

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And while dog treat inventory might be the main crisis (besides finding good owners for the animals), there are other things DAS can use, if you have them to spare.

Blankets (all kinds needed, but the thicker, the better), old towels, sheets, and dog beds always come in handy. The shelter does have a laundry and they wash what they have, but -- you know how dogs are -- the beddings wear out quickly.

Vannini says DAS can also use replacement food for enrichment items, like the KONG -- a chew toy stuffed with a creamy treat that keeps dogs busy -- like peanut butter, cream cheese, Cheez Whiz, or KONG's own replacement filling. Those are treats the dogs can take with them into their kennels as they pass the time.

DAS has an Amazon wish list for more specific items, like replacement formula for bottle kittens and babies without mothers.

Let's not forget the needs of the small and furry -- hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc -- because they're taking shelter there, too. "People who maybe had a childhood hamster and have a cage or enrichment items for those that they'd like to donate -- wheels or water bottles or things like that -- we could also really use those, if you have those to donate," Vannini says.

Items or monetary donations can be delivered directly to the DAS main location at 1818 N. Westmoreland Road in Dallas.

So even if you can't take one home, you can still come to the rescue.

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