Dalila’s Leftovers: Tuna & Pop Rocks at Quill

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Dallas -- Each week for my Chew on This segment, I look for a restaurant that will blow me away, or a spot that has a some sort of explosive dish. Well, that's exactly what I got with Quill.

Initially, going into the shoot blind, I expected to link up with the chef and talk about fairly normal items you'd order from a lounge menu. So you could imagine my surprise when Chef Joel Harringtion introduced me to the Big Eye Tuna, topped with Chili Pop Rocks!

Yes, you heard right. The little candies you ate as a kid, but never with soda because you were told your stomach would explode -- those Pop Rocks! Funny thing is, chili-flavored Pop Rocks aren't on the market. Chef Harrington coats them in Chili seasoning mix, which is how they embody their flavor.

Final verdict? This dish is poppin'!

Super fresh fish, with added texture of the candy, then bam! -- the Pop Rocks let off like fireworks in your mouth! If you're a fish lover that likes to live on the edge, it's a must try!

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