Cucumber Chaos: Stop Scaring Your Cats!

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NORTH TEXAS- They're the viral videos that have cat lovers going crazy, the cucumber cat chaos!

If you've missed it, it looks something like this, owner places cucumber next to unsuspecting cat and cat turns into a big scaredy cat.

While getting a scare out of your cat might seem kinda funny, experts are warning against it, stating that it can cause cats heightened anxiety, not to mention it’s a mean thing to do.

So why do cats freak out at the sight of cucumbers?

Well they could be mistaking them for snakes and let's face it, you'd jump too if you thought a snake was at your feet!

So don't scare your cat, or we’ll have to replace it with a new pet.

Hasbro has launched their Joy for All companion pet line. Get this, it purrs and vibrates to your touch, they say it's the perfect form of play for the elderly.

But not all cats had it bad this week, remember Blossom the cat?

Found burned in Arlington in early October? Well, we're happy to report she's been adopted!

A puur-fect ending to her cat-a strophic ordeal.

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