Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’: Could Ebola Hurt the Cruise Ship Industry?

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DALLAS- As Dallas holds its breath on the heels of a second Ebola confirmation, it might be a good time to get out of Dodge. Can you say vay-cay?

But with recent hoaxes of Ebola on a plane, travelers might be looking for a different route to relaxation. One method of travel you might not expect to be hurting from the recent outbreak is the cruise industry.

You’ll remember when hundreds of passengers grew sick with the Norovirus on a cruise ship earlier this year.

“Sometimes 200, 300, maybe 500 people will get sick on a ship and there’s not much you can do but stay in your cabin. But what do you do if someone has Ebola,” said Tom Parsons, owner of

Yeah, Ebola on a ship might make you want to abandon ship. The deadly virus has even hit cruise lines in the pocket book, stocks of Carnival and Royal Caribbean were down nearly five percent last week.

“I think today all of us are sitting back but if we can put off our travel plans to 2015 or pick up some holiday travel. We have to be a lot smarter than we are today,” said Parsons.

And travel to African ports? Yea, that’s not happening either. So before you wave bon voyage, you might want to think if the risk is worth it. Hey you could always stay home.

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