Croco-Bile: 69 Die After Possible Beer Contamination

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TETE,MOZAMBIQUE- Ahhh, a cold one, a brewski, a glass of suds! It doesn’t really matter what you call it, you know a beer will take the edge off and help you loosen up a bit.

But could the bottom of the glass brew up some serious issues, maybe even death??

Well, it looks like 69 people in Mozambique, Africa died after drinking some booze.

So what ailed them?

According to Time Magazine, hundreds of people rushed to emergency rooms after a funeral on Saturday.

They reported stomach cramps and the big D, no, not Dallas, we’re talking diarrhea.

It’s believed the beer was contaminated with, get this, crocodile bile!

Yeah you know that liver liquid we’d prefer not to taste!

But the government thinks something’s not right here, they’re now investigating whether they’re dealing with a poisoning.

An additional 196 people have also fallen ill.

Who knew croc bile was worse than their bite?!

What was supposed to be a celebration of life for one has ended in more tragedy for his loved ones.

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