Critical Blood Shortage: Donate for Raeleigh

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DALLAS, Texas -- Meet Raeleigh Vasquez.  Not your typical little girl.

"I'd actually say she's a little more advanced as a three-year-old," Raeleigh's mom, Brittnee Hogue, said.

Raeleigh loves to run around outside, but her days of being out in the sunshine took a detour.

"She's had to take a step back. She lost the ability to walk in January."

This year, Raeleigh had to go through being diagnosed with cancer.

"A tumor on her spine that compressed the nerves," Hogue explained. "She took it as a different step in life."

A step she took on.

"She was determined to get that back."

But to get back up, she needed help. More specifically, she needed blood which, unfortunately, is getting critically low.

"We've seen 500 fewer donations per month in June and July this year than the previous 10 months of the year," said Anita Foster, Public Information Officer for American Red Cross.

The Red Cross in Dallas is calling for folks to donate blood to help kids, like Raeleigh, and to avoid an emergency situation.

"If a critical situation occurred, a transportation accident or a major natural weather event, we have to have blood before those things happen," Foster explained. "Whatever blood type you are is a blood type we need right now."

So come on, folks, join Team Raeleigh and donate blood to the Red Cross.

"She's received five to six blood transfusions that I can say has saved us," Hogue said. "Such as her whole demeanor. Her attitude. Her health."

Because you never know, you just might help a kid like Raeleigh walk again.

"Now she's walking with the help of her braces on her own."

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