Crazy Tatted Face Criminal Lands in Mugshot Hall of Fame

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FRESNO, Calif. — We’ve seen some CUH-RAZY mugshots. Remember the real-life Grinch?

You’re a mean one! (Washington Parish, LA)

How about the duck face lady?

duck face mugshot
Pucker Up! Angela Green (Cleveland PD)

Or the guy with ‘F**k cops‘ tatted on his forehead?

Paul Terry (Tulsa County Jail)
Smh… Paul Terry (Tulsa County Jail)

Then, there’s this dude…

Gucci mug shot
Khamprasong Thammavong (Fresno PD)

Hey, you missed a spot!

Khamprasong Thammavong has so many darn tatts, we can’t even count them. His entire head is covered, there’s “Gucci” on his forehead, tear drops, a dollar sign, etc.


Thammavong’s crazy mug… and crazy mugshot… are making the rounds after Fresno cops found a stash of semi-automatic weapons and 38 marijuana plants in his house, KMPH reports.

If these mugs have your eyes burning, check out “Glamour Mugshot: Internet Has Crush on Cute Teen Drug Dealer.”

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