Craziest Mac n’ Cheese Dishes in DFW Worth Every Penny

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By Jessica Safavimehr, NewsCastic

Mac n’ Cheese is an American staple, a reminder of home and a comfort food that never lets you down. There are many different styles and flavors that make up the mac n’ cheese food group and DFW has some amazing options to choose. Here are 7 of the most delectable dishes of mac n’ cheese artistry in DFW.

1. Capital Grille’s Lobster Mac

This mac n’ cheese dish is so elegant you’ll need a bottle of Dom to accompany it. The lobster mac at Capital Grille is served as a side dish, but it takes center stage with its creamy cheese sauce and decadent lobster with a crisp bread crumb topping.

Price: $18.

Location: 500 Crescent Court, Dallas.

2. Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill’s Adult Mac N’ Cheese

How does smoked Gouda, truffle oil, and cured ham sound for mac n’ cheese? If you are looking for a top of the line mac look no further than Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill. This dish will take your taste buds on a journey to mac n’ cheese ecstasy. Kenny’s uses white truffle oil, smoked gouda, and cure 81 ham to piece together this creamy delicacy.

Price: (as a side) $5.99.

Location: 5000 Beltline Rd #775, Dallas.

3. Oddfellows’ Buffalo Mac N’ Cheese

If you are looking for some cheesy goodness with a little spice, try Oddfellows’ buffalo mac n’ cheese. This mac n’ cheese is a creamy delight topped with two juicy chicken tenders doused in buffalo sauce. This dish is not for the faint of heart, so make sure to a have cool beverage handy for the aftermath.

Price: $14.

Location: 316 W 7th St, Dallas.

4. Lee’s Grilled Cheese’s Back Breaker Sandwich

For those time when you can’t decide if you want mac n’ cheese or a bbq sandwich Lee’s Grilled Cheese has a solution for you. This sandwich puts the creamy grilled mac n’ cheese between two slices of bread, adds bbq pulled pork, then calls it a day. Satisfy your childhood and taste buds with this meal.

Price: $8.99.

Location: 5040 N. Tarrant Pkwy #146, Fort Worth.

5. Danny’s Celtic Pub’s Mac N’ Cheese

Fajita meat and cheese? Yes, please! Danny’s Celtic Pub puts a spin on the traditional mac n’ cheese dish by added some seasoned fajita meat placed gently on top. If you are up for an adventure this dish will have your mouth full of creamy fajita filled happiness.

Price: $9.94.

Location: 2824 Central Drive, Bedford.

6. Social House’s Social House Mac & Cheese

Want to try something out of your comfort zone? Social House’s take on mac n’ cheese adds a flavor of Portugal to the homestyle dish. This mac adds a four cheese sauce to Portuguese-style, smoke-cured pork linguina sausage. Bring a healthy appetite and enjoy the flavor profile of this creative take on a childhood favorite.

Price: $9.95.

Location: 2708 Routh St, Dallas.

7. Breadwinner’s Green Chile Mac N’ Cheese

A spicy take on the homestyle dish, Breadwinner’s cheesy faire takes a creamy cheese sauce and throws in some delicious green chilies for a southwestern zest. Though this dish is served as a side, it quickly becomes a start of its own.

Price: (served as a side) $5.

Location: 3301 McKinney Ave., Dallas.

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