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ARLINGTON – It`s no secret, Cowboys nation is populated with some of the craziest, die-hard, bleed blue and silver, fans in the league and we think we may have found the most fanatic fan of them all.

His name is Stoney Kersh and to say that he bleeds Cowboys blue is an understatement. He`s been collecting cowboys memorabilia since he was 4 years old, “My parents would bring me home football cards and I still have every one.”

But Stoney`s fandom doesn`t just stop at collecting cards, we`re talking about buttons, belt buckles, watches, figurines, magazines and even a fleet of vehicles. But even the collection of cars and motorcycles can`t touch Stoney`s most impressive piece of Cowboys swag.

Stoney has built a model city dedicated to the Cowboys and it`s complete with all the bells and whistles which includes toy jets that flyover the city right before kickoff and a toy blimp that flies over during games.

In fact Stoney welcomes anyone to come check out his display of Cowboys treasures, “I let people come and look at it and walk through it, I call it a museum.”

It goes without saying, even with all the hardships of this season, this fan isn’t about to flush his hopes down the drain, “Hopefully we can get right back in it and win 5 or 6 games in a row and we`ll be right back in the thick of things.”

We can only hope he’s right.

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