Cowboys Camp in Full Swing, Fans Share Expectations

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The pads are finally on in Oxnard as the Cowboys throw Training Camp into full gear.

For fans, a new season brings with it a new hope, but there are already signs of concern.

On Friday, the Cowboys said Tony Romo didn`t take part in the afternoon practices, as he continues to recover from last season`s back injury.

Well, that doesn’t sound promising.

So, let`s whip out the old ‘Cowboys Confidence Meter.’ Do fans think Romo can make it through the whole season healthy?

“I think he will because we have a lot better line this year,” fan Willie Johnson said.

“He still has yet to prove himself, I have to be honest. But, I`m hoping for the best,” Ronnie Vega from Phoenix added.

Looking at the bigger picture: what are these die-hards predicting for the `Boys once Training Camp is over and the real games begin?

“I wanna say 8-8 again,” laughed Vega, before predicting a 10-6 season.

“As long as they beat the Niners they can go 8-8, but they`ve got to beat the Niners,” Fadi Stephan said. He’s a Cowboys fan living in the enemy territory of San Francisco.

“I think they`ll make the playoffs. I dunno how far we`ll go in the playoffs, but I think we`ll at least make the playoffs,” predicted Johnson.

As always, hope springs eternal in the heart of Texas. Who knows, crazier things have happened. Why can’t this be our year?

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