Cowboy Rookie Ezekiel Elliot Denies “Domestic Violence” Allegations

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COLUMBUS, OH — Win or lose, Dallas Cowboys are still America’s Team.

But, they also have a PR problem with bad boy run-ins. Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot might be joining the club.

According to a report from Columbus PD in Ohio, Tiffany Thompson, who lists her occupation as “sex slave,” says she’s Elliot’s live-in girlfriend, and she’s accusing him of domestic violence.

Thompson claims Elliot assaulted her while they were in a parked car about 2 a.m. Friday. The report includes statements from four witnesses who all say they didn’t see an assault.

Thompson told police she had pain in her right wrist before declining medical treatment. In another report and in 911 call, she claims in the past week Ezekiel struck her several times leaving bruises on her arms.

Ezekial told police the bruises were from a bar fight.

Instagram pictures posted Friday morning by Deadspin, appear to show bruises on Thompson’s arms, neck, and legs. In the caption, Thompson didn’t flat out say Elliot did it, but she did tag his IG handle in the post.

Ezekiel, who celebrated his birthday Friday, has not been arrested, Police advised Thompson to contact the DA’s office if she wants to press charges.

Elliot’s father, Stacy Elliot, sent out a statement saying “the allegations and internet postings are completely false .”

Could this be a case of the girl who cried wolf?  Or have the Cowboys recruited another bad boy?

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