Couple finds buried treasure in their backyard worth $52,000

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STATEN ISLAND, NY -- Have you ever wondered if treasure is buried in your backyard? Well for one New York couple, that's just what happened.

Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel were replacing some trees in their backyard when they found a little 'metal box,' which they thought belonged to the electric company.

To their surprise it was a safe, and inside was, "hundreds and jewelry, diamonds, engagement rings, dozens of rings, gold with jade - it was stunning," Matthew Emanuel said.

The safe contained about $52,000 worth of stuff, but even more remarkable, was what this couple did next.

"A couple people have said to us, why did you return it? It wasn't even a question, it wasn't ours," Maria Colonna-Emanuel said.

They two returned the treasures to it's rightful owner, who happened to be their neighbor.

Turns out she had been robbed back in 2011. There was even an address leading the safe back home.

"The cops told her, you'll never see your stuff again," Maria said.

We don't know if anything could be salvaged, but one thing is clear, this couple has a heart of gold.

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