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SEATTLE, WA — Soda lovers are crying carbonated tears!

Turns out, a soda tax went into affect in Seattle and people are not drinking the Kool-Aid on this one.

Mega-chain Costco isn’t feeling the surge either and put in big black numbers how much the new tax is costing their customers. Not only that, they’re putting signs next to the price display that tells shoppers where they can get their fizz fix outside the city!

Officials are hoping breaking the bank for a can of Dr. Pepper will help people change their sugar intake habits. Sort of like how the tobacco tax was meant to get people to smoke less. “To make sure that we not only impact norms and behaviors for folks in term of choice and consumption, but that we also invest in food access programs, education and early-learning efforts throughout Seattle,” Seattle Council Member Teresa said.

“One of the most important outcomes that we’re interested in studying is how children sugary beverage intake changes in response to the tax,”

Hey, we’re all for cutting back for a healthier lifestyle, but ten extra bucks for one case of gatorade seems a tad ridiculous don’t ya think?

Let’s just hope they don’t adopt this tax in Texas. We really do love our Coke!