Texas is one of the worst states for support during the coronavirus pandemic, according to study

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Source: WalletHub

As Texans struggle with the economic and health impacts of the pandemic, a new study ranks the state as one worst in regards to support available.

WalletHub recently released a report ranking each state’s support system during the pandemic. Texas came in 41 out of 51 with an overall ranking of 24.75. Massachusetts topped the list at #1 with an overall score of 69.94, while North Carolina came in last place with a score of 17.68.

The study also ranked each state in three other areas: Coronavirus relief and medical services, food and housing assistance, and unemployment support.

Texas is ranked #51, last place, for coronavirus relief and medical services. Food and housing assistance isn’t much better at #42. The state does rank higher in the study for unemployment assistance at #18. When cost of living is factored in, Texas ranked #4 in the highest average unemployment weekly benefit.

The study used 17 different metrics to grade each state and the District of Columbia. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the best support.

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