Cop Cams: ‘Mike Brown Law’ Petition for Helmet Cameras

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FERGUSON, MO — It’s been nearly two weeks since 18-yer-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.

His death pushed his community over the edge.

But after three autopsies, numerous eyewitness accounts and graphic cell phone video of the aftermath, it’s still not clear what happened in those tense moments leading up to the shooting.

Could all of this mayhem been avoided if Officer Darren Wilson was wearing a camera?  A lot of Americans think so.

A White House petition to create the “Mike Brown Law,” which would require cops to wear a camera, has received over 143,000 signatures.

That means the White House has to respond.

Dallas police are already taking steps to make sure they don’t turn into the next Ferguson. They’re spending more than a million bucks to equip officers with wearable cameras.

Rookies would be the first to receive them, followed by officers who have a history of complaints.

“Everybody’s behavior on camera is better. The most belligerent drunk acts professional on camera,” DPD Chief David Brown said. “And your problem cops have attitude adjustments.”

We know Big Brother’s watching us. Isn’t it about time that someone started watching them?

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