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DALLAS — “I’m the best boss I’ve ever had!”

That’s a pretty good slogan from 12 year Mary Kay seller and Independent Senior Sales Director Leigh Ann David, but Mary Kay Ash probably had another in mind when she started her iconic company back in 1963.

“Mary Kay’s famous for saying, ‘Imagine every woman you meet has a sign around her neck that says, “Make me feel important,”‘ and that’s our goal,” David said.

Throughout the year, Mary Kay consultants move mountains of makeup to the masses, but the next two weeks in Dallas are a pat on the back for the more than 30,000 reps who made the trip for the company convention at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

“I was just driving in on the highway, and you could even kind of feel the energy more and more as you got closer to the convention center,” David said.

This year, there’s even room for reinvention at Addison-based Mary Kay, starting with an app launched just last week.

“When they’re selling product to their customers day in and day out, they can literally run their business from their phone now,” said Director of Consultant Marketing Jill Wedding.

David even said she’s been filling some orders straight from bed, streamlining the process for both her and her customers.

That’s not the only way the pink ladies are helping out, though. The Mary Kay Foundation continues to give back to communities and women around the world.

For instance, the Pink Doing Green campaign is highlighted by a promise that for every 10 Mary Kay makeup caps or cases recycled through them, the company has a tree planted.

Most importantly, they’re protecting the women they sell to with the Don’t Look Away and Love Is Respect campaigns.

“We’ve donated over $50 million to the prevention of domestic violence,” Wedding said. “They (the consultants) take a lot of pride in the fact that we do give back to the community in so many ways, and they love the fact that their career opportunity allows them to literally change lives.”

Yeah, they’re trying to make money by marketing makeup, but this message is one that should warrant a ‘Well done,’ for all 30K at the Mary Kay Convention.