Construction Starts on New Home for DFW Veteran

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DALLAS — People celebrate Veterans Day in many different ways, but some folks wanted to hammer in the purpose of the day.

“United Way Metropolitan Dallas is Partnering with our community partners to help build a home for a veteran,” said Jennifer Sampson President/CEO United Way Dallas.

That Veteran is Breana Austin who served in the Texas Army National Guard. She and her son have had a hard time finding a home.

“I’ve been from apartment to apartment, so having a house and giving him a back yard to play in is awesome,” Austin said.

Folks with the United Way say the job doesn’t end when the last nail is hammered. They also provide financial counseling to help first-time homeowners like Austin.

“We served 29,000 veterans last year through over 30 community programs, helping provide pathways to financial stability that create pathways to move into stable and secure homes,” Sampson said.

United Way teamed up with folks from Texas instruments and Habitat for Humanity to make this happen. Also making the play in helping out this DFW Vet is Dallas Cowboy legend Darren Woodson.

“It’s almost emotional for me to see a veteran get a house that’s in need,” Woodson said

Woodson has his own company to help vets get jobs after their service is over, “It’s important to me because I come from a family of Military veterans, and I understand how they served our country.”

So when this house is done, this hero can call this place home.

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