Condo- versy: Residents Served Eviction Notices During Holidays

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Folks at the Town Creek Condominiums say they've spent their holiday dealing with broken promises.

"It's been a nightmare," said resident Frances Robles.

This all started when the new property owner, Nessel Development, notified dozens of residents that they were being evicted just days before Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, when the tenants produced receipts for rent and signed leases, they got a letter of apology.

Now, it seems that apology letter is ancient history as is the help many of the renters say they were promised.

Help in the form of money, so they can find a new place. According to documents, they need to be out by the end of the year.

“I don't know what I'm gonna do,” added Robles.  “I don't know what half these people are gonna do otherwise I’m sure they wouldn't be here.”

Not only do renters claim they're being left high-and-dry, they're also being left in the dark,  sometimes quite literally.

Security is also becoming a major concern.

"Our security gates do not work," explained Jessalu Lovell. “They finally turned on some of the security lights but not all of them.”

Lovell says she's gotten one letter from the new property manager saying there will be an upcoming homeowners meeting.

Besides that, she's heard nothing.

"There is no plan being shared. There is no information being shared. And that is what so terribly disturbing," added Lovell.

Yeah, the property manager is not returning their calls on a consistent basis. When Newsfix called and left a message seeking comment, they didn't call us back.

Under Texas law, new owners must honor existing lease agreements. So the question is -- what will happen to folks like Robles who are still searching for answers?

"We gotta do something, but what do we do you know? No money,” said Robles. "Them not living up to their expectations."

With only a few days before the New Year, it doesn't seem like these folks are going to be able to get the fresh start they were hoping for.

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