Concierge Doctor Care Saving Uninsured North Texans Thousands

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DALLAS – So, how much do you think you paid for health care last year? Try almost $6,000.

“And now with the Affordable Care Act, those insurance premiums for young healthy individuals are going through the roof,”  Dr. James Pinckney said.

Yeah, it’s expensive to get sick or hurt and no one knows that more than Deric Davis.

“You know, I went to emergency rooms and different types of clinics and I was spending like $300 a visit,” Davis said.

22-year-old Davis plays arena football and didn’t have health insurance. After he injured his shoulder, he was scrambling to find a way to get off the sidelines.

“I need to do what I need to do to get back healthy,” Davis said.

To help folks like him, some doctors in Dallas are changing the way they do business.

“For a low monthly fee, you can have your own private concierge doctor. Unlimited visits, no copay, 24-hour access to your doctor,” Dr. James explained.

The concierge care runs about $135 a month for adults and $45 for kids. The concept is still pretty new and Dr. James suggests folks still get insurance to cover anything major.

“Insurance is very important, but it shouldn’t be used for the day-to-day maintenance of routine health,” Dr. James told NewsFix.

Davis still needs surgery on his left shoulder and he’s looking at a low-cost surgery center in Oklahoma, but that will run him $6,000.

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